Quantity Surveying
Quantity Surveying

The services listed below can be read as a menu of services. Clients can pick and choose the specific services that they feel best’s suits their particular circumstances.

If you are considering a building project of any size it would be well worth availing of all or part of our services. Most successful projects evolve where o’reilly+associates are engaged from early project inception through to completion. The services listed can be tailored to suit whatever stage you are currently at with your project, whether it be pre-planning, pre-tender, tender assessment, construction stage or even at finance account stage.

Early Stage Budget Estimate.
An early budget estimate enables the Client to establish the feasibility of a project prior to incurring significant costs.

Detailed Project Cost Plan.
As the design process progresses, a more detailed examination is undertaken to provide the client with a more detailed assessment of the construction costs. Areas where potential savings have been identified will be outlined in the cost plan.

Preparation of Tender Documentation.
In order to achieve competitive tenders from Building Contractors, along with reducing the possibility of extras later in the project, a detailed set of tender documents should be prepared. No two projects are the same and so, a unique set of tender documents will be prepared for your specific project.

Tender Review and Contract Award.
A detailed review of the tenders received will be carried out by o’reilly+associates. This review will result in a report being prepared for you, which will outline recommendation(s) regarding the successful Building Contractor. Contract documentation will be prepared to ensure you are legally protected at all stages.

On-Site Cost Control.
Constant monitoring of the project during the construction stage is crucial to ensuring there are no costly “surprises awaiting for you” at the end of the project. o’reilly+associates supervision will ensure that where extras arise, they will be addressed immediately to limit their effect and we will negotiate with the Building Contractor on your behalf. Equally, where potential savings arise we will ensure that these opportunities are capitalized on.

Final Account Settlement.
The final agreement on the costs of the project can be a stressful and daunting process. Whether we have been involved on the project from inception or requested just to carry out this specific role, o’reilly+associates will skillfully and professionally negotiate with the Building Contractor on your behalf.

Contract Dispute Resolution.
Unfortunately significant disputes do occasionally arise on a small proportion of projects. Disputes inevitably lead to stress and anxiety for the parties involved, not to mention the substantial costs and delays to the project. o’reilly+associates can provide you with an objective review of the dispute followed by the preparation of a detailed strategy for resolving the dispute in such a way as to minimise your potential costs.

Insurance Reinstatement Valuations.
Do you want to reduce your home/property insurance premiums annually? Do you want to save significant amounts of money? Many people when insuring their home and property make the mistake of confusing the cost of rebuilding their home with the value of their home. Home insurance is related to the cost of replacing your home should it be destroyed by fire, etc and is not related to what the property would sell for if you were to be put up for sale. In many cases the cost of rebuilding the property is significantly lower than the value of the property. Why not let o’reilly+associates prepare a Reinstatement Valuation of your property thereby providing you with an up to date assessment of the rebuilding costs and hopefully, saving you some money on your insurance premium.

Financial Institution Monitoring Reports.
A Monitoring Report for a bank or building society is a report which will in the first instance assist you in obtaining the necessary funding required to carry out the project. Subsequently, the report will be updated regularly as the project progresses to enable you to the draw-down the necessary funds to pay for the works carried out.

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